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Growth, Transition and Transformation 2014

etlt-to-ufocontactGreetings to all of our ETLetsTalk members and friends around our home planet. We hope that 2014 has begun in the best possible way for you.


The last few months have been a time of incredible connection and opportunity for our ETLetsTalk community and we are excited to share with all of you our vision and calendar of upcoming events for 2014!



Our mission of creating a global network of individuals and teams initiating interactive contact and communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence continues to expand rapidly. This is thanks to the dedicated outreach of Kosta Makreas, the experienced stewardship of Dr. Joe Burkes, and the expert administrative, media, and technical savvy of Laurie Rosenfield and Jonathan Rosenfield.

Above all our success is due to the incredible support of our almost 5000 members in 50+ countries who have fueled this grassroots effort with their hearts and multi-faceted participation.

As our Earth faces multiple challenges in a time of planetary transformation the importance of our ET Contact initiative cannot be overstated. Our gratitude goes to all of you who have journeyed and labored with us.



We are greatly honored and deeply grateful to be able to announce that Daniel Sheehan, J.D. is now part of our team as Legal Counsel. He is considered by many to be the most distinguished, non-governmental proponent of disclosure of the ET presence engaging mankind. Moreover, his contribution to American history as the People’s Advocate and as a constitutional lawyer is extraordinary and unparalleled.

‘Danny’ was featured in a blog on ETLetsTalk this past October:
We are excited about the passion and energy that Danny brings to our team. He will be featured on an upcoming UFOContact tele-event on March 22, 2014.

Much more about Danny’s contributions to our mission will be shared soon!



Through your loving cooperation we now have a thriving people’s movement which is regularly making ET Contact each day and every month. During our monthly events we are coordinating and sending nearly 200 ET Contact teams into the field in approximately 30 countries. We regularly receive reports of successful and varied ET Contact from those teams.

Last November, as we entered our second year at ETLetsTalk, it became obvious to our Administrative Ground Crew that in order to serve our community in the most efficient and beneficial way possible our website, essentially the communications hub of the network, would need to be vastly improved and expanded.

While human-initiated contact and connection with our Star Visitors remains the core work for us, we are now finding we are ready and able to nurture and support the contact and disclosure mission with a much broader platform and are being called upon to do so.

In order to facilitate this larger mission and intention we are preparing to transition from not only being the ETLetsTalk community but to expand our network over the next few weeks under the website address of “”. This url will allow us to be far more easily found via search engines and social media thus allowing the message and work we are engaged in to reach a much larger audience.

Our new “” website will launch in April with improved design features and ease of access and functionality. Everyone who is a member of will automatically become a member of



In order to clarify and distinguish our work for a larger and more general audience, it has also been decided to adopt a more descriptive and, we believe, more accurate name for the CE-5 work. Under Dr. Burkes’ guidance we will begin to integrate the term “Human Initiated Contact Experience” or “HICE” when referencing our field or contact experience work. Unlike “CE-5″, the term “Human Initiated Contact Experience” doesn’t assume a previous knowledge of the “Close Encounter” designations, thus simplifying the reference for those not readily familiar with UFO terminology.



After careful consideration the decision was made to not only redesign our web site but keeping with our intention to make it safe and easy for individual members to reach out to other members and form ET Contact teams or to contact existing teams we will also soon launch our first app called “UFO Contact”.

There will be a small window of beta testing this new app followed by the official launch; first to iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) users through the Apple App store and then shortly afterward to Android users through the Google Play Store.

Similar to the access of features on our website, a new or existing premium membership will be necessary to access all of the app features.

As on our website,

ALL MEMBERS (Free) using the app will be able to:

• read instructions for making ET contact alone or with a group
• get info on important resources
• read blog posts
• read the Forum

PREMIMUM MEMBERS using the app will additionally be able to

• post to the Forum
• use the Community Map
• use the APP ONLY CHAT FEATURE: which allows you to find and expand your HICE group by connecting with other contact workers directly in real time



For those of you who automatically acquired your Premium Memberships last April 22, 2013, (our thanks to you for your support!), because you were original subscribers to the “Global CE-5 Initiative” email list, and who have enjoyed that premium membership for the past year, your premium membership will expire this coming April 21, 2014. It will become necessary to re-subscribe to maintain your Premium Membership if you wish to continue to be displayed on our Community Map or to post on the new Forum plus have access to all of the features on the new UFO CONTACT app.

For those of you who subscribed as premium members after April 22, 2013, your subscription will continue until it normally expires after one full year.

For those of you who have been Free members you need do nothing since your membership continues indefinitely. You will continue to have limited availability of features on the new web site and on the UFO CONTACT app.

Further updates and reminders regarding Premium Membership subscriptions and renewals will be sent via future emails and posted on the website.



We’re also excited to announce that we will be sponsoring informational and experiential ET Contact and UFO educational retreats in various locations. The first of these will be a stellar 4-day retreat in Toronto, Canada this Fall which will feature lectures by world-class UFO researchers and authors plus ET Contact nights under the stars. Stay tuned for more information.



Thanks again to all of you for your on-going support and for being a part of this People’s Disclosure and ET Contact movement and journey with us. As we experience more growth in teaching a wider general public about ET Contact and the more loving world that is possible through co-creation with our Star Friends, we expect that we can actually and dramatically accelerate that positive transformation. In the coming months there will be more opportunities for you to play key roles, make new friends around the world, empower yourselves and others and learn from the top UFO global researchers who are partnering with us.

Our community will only expand its vital mission with your participation. Please share your experiences, questions, and relevant issues on the Forum and find others to connect with near and far on the community map.

Please remember at this time we are an all-volunteer staff. However we always do our best to respond to questions as quickly as possible. So if you have any questions about membership and our changes, let us know at:

What you need to know may help someone else.

We are looking forward to an exciting time ahead of great contact!

All the best from your ~ Ground Crew.


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